Review of James Herrick Scientific Mythologies

Topics: Religion, Science fiction, Science Pages: 1 (327 words) Published: February 17, 2013
In James Herrick’s “Scientific Mythologies”, Herrick explains how science and science fiction forge new religious beliefs among our culture. Science fiction has been growing in popularity among our society and has promoted young people to take action in attempts to solve and research these myths as we move toward the future envisioned in some ways by science and science fiction. The myths that shape the public imaginations today consist of the new products and technologies that are portrayed in various assortments of the media and the blending of facts with speculation and scientific research. Herrick proposes his thesis in summary “the Western world has turned away from traditional religion and become a place where science fiction and speculative science have been quick to fill the resulting spiritual vacuum with ideas bearing little resemblance to those that were jettisoned.” Herrick uses two examples in the article to prove his point. First, Stars Wars, which was the science fiction hit of the century back in the 1970’s, has influenced the movie world to take science fiction seriously and the field is now dominated by blockbuster movies and shows that live up to our newer myths such as The Matrix or even The Hunger Games. The other example Herrick uses is his correlation between religion and science fiction; where in previous centuries traditional religious beliefs strived from greater beings. Now he states that over the years, science fictional myths have helped religious individuals transform themselves into a spiritual project and helped them find a way to better themselves. I agree with Herrick on the use of his examples because they clearly depict the role that science fiction has played in the transformation of religion and what we believe religion to be. Just from observing my surroundings and culture, I can tell that the science fiction genre and the advance of our techno-industrial society in general has had a dramatic impact on religious beliefs...
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