Review of Interventions That Apply Scripture in Psychotherapy

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Review of Interventions That Apply Scripture in Psychotherapy

Garzon (2005) seeks to describe ways in which a therapist may use Scripture within psychotherapy interventions and to increase the awareness of therapists in these techniques. He bases this description by utilizing a case study by the name of George. Garzon contemplates issues surrounding scripture interventions. The article proceeds to relate interventions that use implicit scripture, psycho educational, theo educational, behavioral, cognitive, and affective experiential approaches.

Ethical concerns are present within this discussion. Garzon (2005) relates to the reader that one must acknowledge that within these interventions dual relationships occur, boundaries may be violated between church and state, an imposition of values and issues such as informed consent and competency of the counselor do arise. Ways to avoid these ethical pitfalls are to have a inclusive conformed consent, conduct assessments that clearly define the client's spiritual beliefs, and use the scripture interventions only with certain clients (Garzon). The religious background of both counselor and client must be positive to avoid negative outcomes such as guilt.

Implicit integration may include empathetic stance of the counselor, praying for the client, and the spiritual life of the counselor. Garzon (2005) also covers integration with psychoeducational approaches. This is exemplified through providing a client with scripture that shows the emotions of Christ or the trials of Job as two possibilities to use with someone on emotions and grief process respectively (Garzon). Another intervention to use with the case study is a theoeducational avenue. Garzon shows that he client's comments pointed to the heavy view of sin nature while minimizing the love of God. Work in this area and with his view of his father allowed the client to re evaluate his theological stance.

Behavioral and cognitive approaches are...
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