Review of Growing Pains: Beyond One Big Happy Family

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  • Published : November 2, 2010
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Some people believe that the “ideal family” forms a crisis through expecting things that are unreal, instead of expecting what should happen, or in other words, the right thing. Others believe in every family, if problems occur, than they should be solved and if they are not solved than they problems wont leave and the family wont flourish. Some people seem to believe that in order to have the ideal family, they must show that they are to other people: they’re always happy, the kids are a splitting image of their parents, and there are never any problems. Yes, when problems are solved things may go back to what they were before and things become okay. And yes, some people who are too unrealistic for reality may help cause any problems in a family because of others who don’t seem to agree with them. There are positive affects with being unrealistic, like sometimes being unrealistic helps you to realize things in a different perspective that that person might have never known if they thought too realistic. In my perspective, being realistic is very smart, it’s always better to think about what might be the income of something instead of thinking the opposite way, but also it’s okay to have a different perspective on certain things. In the short story, “Growing Pains: Beyond ‘One Big Happy Family’” by Anndee Hochman, she speaks about a past problem formed when telling her family about the choice that she has chosen in life, being a lesbian. Anndee has had boyfriends in the past, and has had sexual intercourse with only one, Jon Feldstein when she was twenty-two. Anndee knew that path wasnt one that she wanted to takebeing that she didnt have strong feelings for any of the boyfriends in her past like she thought she shouldve. She later on found out who she really was when she settled in Portland two years after losing her virginity. In 1987 when Anndee flew back east to tell her parents she was in love with a woman and that women are who she's destined to be with...
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