Review of Food Waste

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Question: The Principal of your school wants students to help protect the environment by reducing the amount of waste at school. You are Hugh Cheung, the President of the Environmental Protection Club. Write a proposal to the Principal recommending ways to cut the amount of rubbish produced at school.| A Proposal on Ways to Cut Waste at SchoolOur Environmental Protection Club is very much concerned about saving the Earth. To achieve this, we would like to recommend two programmes to educate students to reduce the amount of rubbish produced at school. 1. Conserving PaperThe aim of this programme is to teach students to cut waste and conserve paper of all kinds. For example, students should use both side of writing paper and use it only when necessary. Besides, we suggest a tray be placed in each classroom for accumulating one-sided paper. Instead of using new paper, students should make good use of the single-sides paper for note-taking or other informal purposes. Apart from saving writing paper, we recommend that students should also conserve toilet paper. This can be done by using hand dryer instead of paper towels after washing their hands. 2. Using Reusable Food and Drink ContainersAnother programme to reduce waste is to ask students to avoid non-recyclable food and drink containers. We suggest students bring water in reusable bottle from home rather than buying bottled drinks at school every day. The same can be done for lunch boxes. Students should consider bringing their own lunch boxes and choose dine-in if they go out for lunch, instead of having take-away in paper and non-reusable containers.Thank you very much for your attention and I hope you can take my proposal for consideration.Yours faithfully,Hugh CheungThe PresidentEnvironment Protection Club|
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