Review of Five Messages of Manager

Topics: Management, Leadership, Sociology Pages: 2 (417 words) Published: December 9, 2012
The Five Messages Leaders Must Manage

A major mistake leaders make is that everyone shares the same definitions of broad terms like vision, accountability teamwork, focus, culture, decision making , results etc etc.

Precious time is wasted, rumors abound ,talented people lose their focus and worse yet, leave, etc etc.

Misalignment is a cancer ( Bob McRann)

The real job of leadership is to inspire the organization to take responsibility for meeting goals/ objectives – results

COMMUNICATION is a leaders single most critical management tool FOR EVERYTHING

Leaders must never assume that everyone understands what they are saying or what they mean. ALWAYS ASK

Organizational Structure

1.It represents individual power/ influence
2.Must be constantly managed for clarity/ understanding
3.Can be feared and politicized if not managed
4.Most important in reorganizations or fast growth
5.Right people in the right places
6.Must be clear, honest, explicit communication
7.Is most important for proper culture

Financial Results

1.“Results” is a powerful concept and MUST be managed “ethically” so as not to confuse the organization/ culture

2.Be careful not to create a mind set of “do whatever it takes” 3.Be careful of stressing too much “short term results” (Wall Street) 4.Must manage the business “by the numbers” but people are the most important ingredient of that process 5.Always ask people’s input, participation in discussing “results” and encourage honest and open dialogue.

The Leader’s Sense of His/ Her Job

1.Leader wears many hats and plays many roles
2.The Leader DOES NOT have all the answers
3.Surround yourself with EXCELLENT people
give them the responsibility commensurate with the authority  let them do their jobs (Ldr’s job is remove obstacles) Include them in decision making
Ask questions and challange
4.Use positional power to bring out the answers in...
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