Review of Family Therapy

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  • Published : May 3, 2009
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Running head: Critique of Family Therapy Approaches

Critique of Family Therapy Approaches William Jones
University of Phoenix
MFCT 556 Family Systems Theory
Professor Desiree DeShay-Weakley, MSW
December 18, 2008

This paper will give a brief background of Family Therapy and critique the various family systems approach. In addition, the paper will address the approaches that I will apply as a therapist. Family therapy, which is also referred to as couple or family systems therapy is type of psychotherapy that involves the complete family, children and couples in an intimate relationship of building communication. It emphasizes is on changing the interaction among family members. Family therapists are more concern with solving problems than knowing the background of the problems. The sessions are very brief and do not going into a lot background information. The overall approach is really based on away of thinking as a therapist rather than focusing on the background related to the issues from the client. Family therapy uses many different types of approaches which were addressed during our course of study which were very informative. Communication, experiential, solution focused, structural, strategic, milan, and functional family therapy are all short term therapy with solution based goals. Each one of these approaches is to get the family to focus on developing open lines of communication and come to a positive solution is a short period of time. Each one of these approaches is very positive and beneficial in therapy; however they do not allow for developing a therapeutic relationship, identifying behavior patters, underlying issues, or health behavior changes in family members. In addition, the goals for therapy are set by the therapist not by the client. Behavioral and Cognitive behavioral family therapy is one approach that I would utilize...
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