Review of Essential Terms and Concepts

Topics: Binary numeral system, Decimal, Computer Pages: 4 (1273 words) Published: January 15, 2012
Review of Essential Terms and Concepts

1. The word bit is a contraction for what two words?
Binary digit
2. Explain how the terms bit, byte, nibble, and word are related. A bit is one digit, a nibble consists of four bits, and a byte consists of eight bits, while a word consists of two or more adjacent its. 3. Why are binary and decimal called positional numbering systems? Each position in a number of is weighted by a power of the radix 4. Explain how base 2, base 8, and base 16 are related.

Base 2 each bit stands on its own example 1011011111
Base 8 you divide 1011011111 into groups of 3 Example 001-011-011-111 Base 16 you divide 1011011111 into groups of 4 Example 0010-1101-1111 5. What is a radix?
In mathematical number systems, the baser radix for the simplest case is the number of unique digits, including zero, that are processional number system used to represent numbers 6. How many of the “numbers to remember” (in all bases) from Table 2.1 can you remember? 10

7. What does overflow mean in the context of unsigned numbers? This happens when the results of an arithmetic operation is outside the range of the allowable precision for a given number of it. 8. Name the three ways in which signed integers can be represented in digital computers and explain the differences. A) signed magnitude.

B) signed-1’s complement.
C) signed-2’s complement.
D). The major difference is the way the decimal place is stored.

9. Which one of the three representations for signed integers is used most often by digital computer systems? Signed magnitude
10. How are complement systems similar to the odometer on a bicycle? You are essentially cutting system of numbers in half, 0-500 represent positive numbers while 501-999 represents negative numbers, thus making it easier to figure out if you have a positive or negative number. 11. Do you think that double- dabble is an easier method than the other binary- to- decimal conversion methods explained in...
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