Review of Differences in Adolescent Bipoar

Topics: Bipolar disorder, Research, Major depressive disorder Pages: 8 (2785 words) Published: April 14, 2013
PSYC101 Journal Article Review Assignment - Part 2
Article Analysis, Connection, and Reflection
Due: 11:55pm ET Sunday at the end of Week 6 of the 8-week course term You may work on this assignment ahead of its deadline but may not submit it prior to Week 6. Points Possible: 140
OVERVIEW: For Part I of this two-part assignment you identified and summarized elements of a published scholarly article selected from the classroom Resources Folder. For Part 2, which is due by the end of Week 6, you will analyze, connect, and reflect on aspects of your selected article. Note that the words “succinct” and “thorough” repeat regularly in the instructions below. They will serve as reminders that this is a formal assignment and sentence fragments, bulleted lists, conversational or other types of casual language cannot be used. In completing Part 2 you will:

--Describe a research method alternative to the one used by your selected article’s author(s) to study the same phenomena -- Evaluate the potential impact on the “real world” of your selected article’s research; -- Apply three concepts from required textbook readings;

-- Identify an aspect of the article’s topic focus about which you would like to know more In composing your work use complete and clearly articulated sentences in one or more paragraphs, as assigned below, a minimum of 250 words each and citing sources in the body of your writing and in a References list attached to the end of it. Proofread your work carefully as proper spelling, grammar and writing structure are required. All answers must be your original words or paraphrases of material in your selected article or the course textbook. No other sources may be used. Copying from published material is a violation of the University policy on academic integrity and will void all points for this assignment with no option for revision and submission. **You may work on this assignment ahead of its deadline but may not submit it prior to Week 6 of the 8-week course term. Begin your Part 2 work here.

Enter your name and student ID here: __ Alicia Baldwin 4367010________________ Then respond to the following succinctly and thoroughly in the spaces below NOTE: You must complete your work in this document, save and attach it to the assignment tab; while you may want to do so as a back-up, content pasted into the assignment page Student Comments space cannot be accepted as a substitute for an on-time attachment submission and cannot be graded. Inserting your answers here will change the number of document pages and the location of particular items at the top, middle or bottom of pages.

While you may not remove or reorder items or change font size or other elements of this document and need to place your responses directly under each item, page number increases or an item moving from the top, middle or bottom of a page as a result of you entering your responses is to be expected and is not of concern.


ANALYSIS – 30 points possible (15 points each)
The authors of the article you have selected for this assignment used a particular research design, group of participants, and set of study methods to investigate a research question (sometimes referred to in scholarly articles as the “hypothesis tested”). As you know from early assigned readings in the course textbook, research questions can be investigated using a variety of methods. 1. Write a succinct and thorough paragraph in the space below either justifying or challenging the use of your selected article’s research methods used to examine its research question. NOTE: You must base your writing on the course textbook information about which research methods are best suited for which types of studies, not on personal opinion or preference, and choose just one position here. A paragraph that both justifies and challenges the use of an article’s research...
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