Review of Critical Article: “on Ophelia’s Madness”

Topics: Love, Hamlet, Folger Shakespeare Library Pages: 3 (1099 words) Published: October 30, 2012
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30 September, 2012
Review of Critical Article: “On Ophelia’s Madness”
“Madness is to think of too many things in succession too fast, or of one thing too exclusively” (Volataire). In the article “On Ophelia’s Madness,” Caroll Camden talks about the reasoning behind the mysterious shift in the mentality of Ophelia which eventually leads to death. The thesis stated by Camden is that Ophelia was drawn to madness due to the series of events leading to Hamlets rejection of Ophelia’s love rather than the death of Polonius. Camden uses very specific examples to back up his thesis along with many references to other famous works and critiques. Camden can be considered a reputable critique and his work on Shakespeare can be considered creditable. This is due to the fact that Camden “served as a visiting professor at numerous leading universities and was a research fellow at the Folger Shakespeare Library. He wrote nine books and numerous articles, greatly enhancing the scholarly research on Shakespeare, Marlowe, Chaucer and other writers” (Centre College). Camden is a trusted source on this work dealing with Ophelia, because of his contributions that enhanced the knowledge on Shakespeare. I believe that Camden is a trusted source when it comes to Ophelia and I would use him as a source when dealing with anything Shakespeare. When it comes to using Camden as a source, he does a well job of organizing his article but there are a few minor things that bother me. I believed that the author was on base with the way he presented his argument with a plethora of support to his thesis. This is because Camden did a fine job with the way he arranged his paragraphs. I like how he built onto his argument with first presenting us with his thesis, then going against some counter arguments by others, and finally validated his thesis by using examples from both Hamlet and other sources. I found that this structuring of the paragraphs made the article easy to follow...
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