Review of "Create a Lean Mean Machine "

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  • Published : March 18, 2009
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The article, “Create a Lean, Mean Machine,” written by George Alukal enlightens readers by explaining what the definition of lean is regarding business operations. Alukal (2003) states that to begin cleaning up waste in a facility, there are many steps to take that help organizations lower costs and decrease wasted resources. In addition, lean processes create a better work environment, reduce costs, achieve customer satisfaction, and eliminate redundant work-related events. It takes streamlining in an organization for operations to run smoothly. Companies create waste by not having standardized procedures in place, weak organization and planning skills, and a poor work environment (Alukal, 2003). Companies sometimes create more, which only adds more waste and increases costs because the products are sitting idle. Eliminating inventory waste also is another factor in creating a lean process. Businesses keep too much inventory on hand because of the belief of “more is less.” Having too much inventory only causes waste and is not supporting “Lean,” which began gaining popularity around 1993 refers to the decrease of the amount of time it takes when a customer orders a product to the customer receiving the product (Alukal, 2003). Some organizations were already using the lean ideas since the early 1900s. Lean, in conjunction with Six Sigma, assures quality throughout organizations by complimenting each other. Customers have a very important part in the lean process because they can make or break a business. Customers’ opinions are critical because he or she expects quality for the price paid for a product. If a company uses a lean process, it will increase the quality, therefore increasing their customer base. Barriers exist in many work settings; however, organizations can eliminate them. Planning is an essential part of cleaning up, making for a lean process (Alukal, 2003). Regulation of work processes allows the entire organization to streamline and lower...
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