Review of Article Entitled: Why Use Ebay?

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Review of Article Entitled:
Why Use eBay?


Brew, Simon. (2011). The Independent Guide to eBay 2011: How to Make Serious Money on eBay (Chapter 1: ‘Why Use eBay?’). MagBook: China. This article is all about eBay’s specialties, eBay in business, and also advantages and disadvantages of eBay. This article also presents some detailed information about eBay.


EBay has become a well known online auction site. The popularity of eBay proves that there is many significant changes to the way people trade since credit cards were invented. EBay helps people around the word to sell and buy things anytime and anywhere using their computers. In order to improvise the customer service, eBay has banned sale of certain items and it also removes contentious sales immediately if there is any. Other than that, eBay also act as online department store. Besides second-hand products, consumers also have chance to find brand new products in eBay. On the other hand, some retailers running their whole business on eBay and some are pass their excessive inventories to eBay traders for selling purpose. The specialty of EBay is users can shop by simply clicking on the seller’s shop to view their products; even they can browse through categories. Users can experience never-ending cycle of finding something they like in eBay. Besides that, the promise of eBay of ‘a quick and easy way to make money’ is the biggest attraction for many people. For instance, in past often worthless items have been sold for large amount of money on eBay but this is due to creativity of the trader who carried out this. EBay also helps them to find out worthiness of their goods. Besides, eBay also encourages entrepreneurship, but the entrepreneurs are bound by some terms and conditions. EBay is also considered as a social networking site as it is a social auction site. Besides bidding against other people, users are buying from a real person in eBay and they are getting feedbacks quickly. Some people even find their life partner on this site.

EBay basically can use for different purposes. EBay can use for clearing out garage. Next, eBay is more convenient, lesser haggling, and more structure than placing an advertisement or a car-boot sale. Furthermore, eBay also can be use as online business tool. Setting up own site is quite difficult, expensive and time consuming; hence eBay helps traders to set online business by saving the cost spent on the web development and maintenance. In fact, eBay has more advantages compared to the individual websites. This is because eBay can reach a much wider audience worldwide. Paypal, a secured and trusted payment system is also used in eBay. Besides, eBay also become a place to find a bargain. Products in eBay will be much cheaper than in a regular shop because sellers who run the business through eBay will have lower overheads than sellers who operate ordinary shops. Moreover, users can bid for lower prices because eBay is a marketplace on an unimaginable scale. Apart from all this points, eBay does have several advantages and disadvantages. Community spirit is one of its advantages. There are five fundamental values that are used by eBay. Although currently eBay has been removed them, eBay still works it out. In eBay’s history, there are few success stories. While it may be true, there are people who have been out by hoax. This clearly shows that the traders are not really following eBay’s guiding philosophies. Besides that, there is a common issue in eBay where the sellers cheat the buyers by not produce goods as they promised, or sent products in bad condition than they did originally indicate. Other than this, sometime sellers need to restart everything all over again when people bid on but never pay for that items. Last but not least, inconsistency of rules on eBay is another...
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