Review of Article 'Mucosal Wound Healing'

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Write a critical review of the following offprint articles.

‘Mucosal wound healing’, Marucha, et al, 1998

This study was carried in the Ohio State University College of dentistry and published in 1998. This study began by reviewing a previous study on stress and health. This found that people undertaking a chronically stressful activity show characteristic changes in their blood chemistry and take longer to heal minor wounds than do people who are not under conditions of stress. Therefore, it addressed the effects of a commonplaces stressor, examination stress, on wound healing.

In this study, it was used experimental approach. In the control group, the first wounds were placed on the hard palate of 11 dental students during summer vacation. In the experimental group, the second wounds were placed on the contra-lateral side of the hard palate of the same 11 dental students during 3 days before the first major examination. A within-participants design was employed in this experiment. Two independent methods assessed healing. They were daily photographs and a foaming response to hydrogen peroxide. Students took an average of 3 days longer to completely heal a small, standardized wound. Production of interleukin 1ß messenger RNA declined by 68% during examinations, providing evidence of one possible immunological mechanism. These data suggested that even something as transient, predictable, and relatively benign as examination stress had significant consequences for wound healing.

After summarizing this study, let’s have a critical review on the methodology and findings and interpretation in this study. For the methodology, it was an experimental research approach in nature. It was appropriate because this study measured the variables objectively and achieved the purpose of this study. The healing of the wound was dependent variable. It was operationalized and was monitored visually by measuring its size and by a chemical test that indicated how...
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