Review of Accounting Ethics

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  • Published : January 16, 2013
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Review of Accounting Ethics
Establishing principles for ethical behavior frequently starts with a policy on ethics. Businesses acquire a policy on ethics to guide their measures and to set up a general meaning of correct versus incorrect. According to the American Library Association, code of ethics is a handbook for suitable behavior (2012). Given the corporate ethical breaches in recent times, assess whether or not you believe that the current business and regulatory environment is more conducive to ethical behavior. Provide support for your answer Existing businesses and regulatory environment is more conductive behavior because some companies and managers feel as though they can get away with it. The unpredictable increase and collapse of the Enron Company set off a long-burning fire under the American social conscience. From every crevasse and corner, voices rose demanding increased accountability, demanding tighter regulation, and demanding that the unethical be brought to justice. Clearly, in such estimation, those at fault should have been punished. In order for ethical principles to apply to such industries, it must be shown that they are inherently moral or ethically responsible institutions. Secondly, an adequate discussion of what business ethics is just be provided before we can truly investigate why the situation does not conform to those standards. Third, the role of those same ethical standards must be explained with business content. Fourth, recent societal preventative measures for unethical practice should be examined (SOX). Fifth, and finally, the contribution of philosophical trends and the current phislophical mood of society must be investigated in order to delve into the mindsets of those who perpetrate such acts as society seeks to condemn. at the very beginning it is important to make the following distraction: despite the fact most of society views business as a whole, including executives as inherently dishonest, accountants and...
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