Review: No Turning Back by Joanne Lees

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  • Published : July 23, 2008
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No turning back

This is a novel written by Joanne Lees labeled ‘No Turning Back’: my journey. It was published in 2006. It looks at Joanne Lee’s description of the event and only captures her side of the story. It is an autobiography with elements of mainly an expository text and some elements of a narrative. WHAT TEXT IS ABOUT

In this text, Joanne speaks out for the first time to reveal what happened on the night of her boyfriend’s death and on the 14th July 2001 Joanne Lee’s life changed forever. While traveling on a lonely stretch of highway in the Australian outback, Joanne was attacked and her boyfriend, Peter Falconio, was murdered. Pete’s body has never been found. She talks about what happened in the years following this also. From the trip of a lifetime, to police interview rooms, to the committal and the trial- Joanne describes what happened from the very beginning. Joanne tells her and Pete’s story, a story in which no-one else could possibly know. She reveals herself to be a woman of courage and strength. IDEAS ABOUT THE EVENT

The main ideology in which Joanne Lee provokes is her innocence and conveys Bradley John Murdoch as a definite criminal. She tells the story of how on a pitch black night in the middle of the Australian outback she was confronted by a man with a gun who she feared had shot her boyfriend. She was tied up, and afraid of being raped and murdered. Luckily she escaped into the bush and hid under a bush for hours. She conveys herself as being a victim of a serious crime and saw her life to be taken away. A stranger had murdered the man she loved and had changed the way she had views the world. She believes the murder of her boyfriend created a generated massive continuous interest and that the media were only interested in the best story that they could find. She believes that she was portrayed in the most negative way by the press, and all but accused of murder. She constructs herself as...
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