Review My Own Roles and Responsibilities as a Teacher

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  • Published : May 11, 2012
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To be able to review my own role and responsibility as a teacher in identifying and meeting my students needs, I must have a knowledge about The Teaching Learning Cycle as it presents the process of learning that can start at any stage and keep on going. The cycle cover; Identifying needs, planning and learning, facilitating learning, assessing learning, quality assurance and evaluation. In my case I will be teaching adults which is called andragogy, while teaching adults I should keep in mind that adults come into education with a range of skills and previous educational experiences, they are generally independent and have clear goals for their leaning. Other than the average roles, responsibilities of a teacher which involve assessing and ascertain their current skills and knowledge, find out the possible barriers and challenges to learning as a group and as well as individuals. During assessments I have to identify learning styles and knowing and understand the boundaries within which to work. The responsibility of a teacher are many, regarding to meet the learners’ needs, I have to ensure they are in the right programme, follow the organizational policies and procedures, giving appropriate guidance and advice, maintaining confidentiality, referring students to other people and agencies when necessary. To carry out my role and responsibilities as a teacher I have to be able to plan and facilitate learning, by planning what will be taught and when, preparing teaching inclusive activities and learning resources, carry out risk assessment and create a safe, positive and accessible environment for students, communicate appropriately and effectively with my students, establish ground rules, promoting appropriate behavior and respect, completing attendance records, dealing with behavior issues as their occur, differentiating and use a variety teaching and learning materials and approaches. Assessing learning also part of my role and responsibilities, it is very...
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