Review: Julio Martinez Molina's Article about the Vilma Espin Autism Centre in Cuba

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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The article was written by Julio Martinez Molina for the Cuban newspaper, ‘Digital Granma Internacional’. Basically, the article is about the Vilma Espin Autism Centre opened in Cienfuegos, Cuba to help those who are autistic by specialist who have studied and observed this disorder. Autism, being one of the most challenging disorders, is very hard to treat and so with this centre people are strengthened, both the autistic and the specialists. Those working there have truly studied this situation for years and have come with different solutions for each individual as every person is not the same. They test and assess then come up with strategies to support and aid each person so that they can mature and grow out of some habits but also embrace and enhance their talents and gifts. It is alleged that this centre has brought a difference to the community and families all round especially since children have tried different places and sources in getting help but never worked, however, with this centre there are significant changes in each child who attends there. I think this article was poorly written. It could’ve had some more information as to what exactly autism is to reach the crowd who is completely clueless on the matter. Also, I find it was quite opinionated. With the examples of each student, there should’ve been a testimonial from a parent or a person who is always around the student. This way there could’ve been substantial truth of change in the autistic person due to the help of this centre. Only hearing quotes from the doctors and specialists makes it a bit biased and unreliable for the reader to believe. The author could’ve interviewed one or two persons related to a diagnosed person and hear their views. He could also have gotten documented proof of improvement in each child showing that this centre is making a difference and then compare it to others. Without proof we cannot believe. We need more than just what meets the eye. We need something...
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