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Topics: Abbasid Caliphate, Islam, Crusades Pages: 7 (1410 words) Published: February 26, 2012
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1. The decline of the Abbasid power was due to all of these reasons EXCEPT: (A) the difficulty of governing a widespread empire.
(B) invasions of European crusaders.
(C) regional loyalties.
(D) Shi’ia dissenters and slave revolts.
(E) rebellious governors and new dynasties.

2. During the Abbasid period, women
(A) were at the center of the Shia opposition to Abbasid rule. (B) frequently became Sufi mystics because of the freedoms allowed them. (C) acquired rights to own land and engage in business.
(D) became increasingly isolated in the harem and behind the veil. (E) exercised no influence in palace and harem politics.

3. During the Abbasid period, the use of slaves
(A) began to gradually die out as economically profitless.
(B) spread throughout the region and came to dominate agriculture. (C) was legally curtailed by the Muslim courts.
(D) was confined to the royal court.
(E) expanded as male and female slaves were valued for their beauty, intelligence and strength.

4. The Seljuks
(A) conquered the Abbasid caliphate and Byzantine Empire.
(B) favored the Shi’a sect and became its protector.
(C) settled in the lands of modern Turkey and became the Abbasids’ protector. (D) were unable to stop the Crusades or end crusader control of Jerusalem. (E) became a sect of Islam devoted to learning, mysticism, and medicine.

5. The greatest beneficiaries of the sustained urban prosperity during the rule of the Abbasids were
(A) women, who acquired rights to own property.
(B) slaves, when the caliphs emancipated them and gave them lands to farm. (C) poor workers, who were freed from taxes.
(D) artisans, artists, architects, and merchants.
(E) foreigners, especially non-Muslims, who ran the empire’s bureaucracy.

6. During the Abbasid caliphate, the language associated with administration and scholarship was (A) Arabic.
(B) Turkish.
(C) Hebrew.
(D) Armenian.
(E) Persian.

7. The Sufis
(A) condemned scientific and cultural borrowing from non-Muslim sources. (B) helped spread Islam.
(C) objected to the violence and social strife, which befell the Abbasid world. (D) led religious wars against Christians in Europe and the Middle East. (E) attempted to blend Islam with Judaism and Christianity.

8. The Abbasid reign ended when
(A) Mongol soldiers sacked Baghdad.
(B) the Seljuk Turks overran the empire.
(C) Christian crusaders took Jerusalem.
(D) the Mameluks invaded the empire.
(E) Shi’a governors and troops revolted and murdered the last caliph.

9. All of these Indian groups were attracted to Islam and converted EXCEPT: (A) people who lived in the Indus and Ganges River plains.
(B) Buddhists.
(C) Untouchables.
(D) low-caste Hindus.
(E) high-caste Hindus.

10. Contacts between Hindus and Muslims led to
(A) the seclusion of Hindu women.
(B) constant warfare between the two groups.
(C) the absorption by the Muslims of many Hindu social practices. (D) mass conversion of Hindus to Islam.
(E) decreased trade opportunities.

11. What was the rule of succession to the office of caliph during the Abbasid dynasty? A) Primogeniture or succession of the oldest son
B) Election by the Arabic tribes of Mecca
C) Degree of relationship to Muhammad
D) Demonstration of an unusual degree of holiness
E) There was no accepted rule of succession.

12. How did the Shi’a react to the later Abbasid dynasty?
A) They accepted them as the rightful rulers and became the strongest supporters of the Abbasid caliphs.
B) Shi’a revolts and assassination attempts plagued the dynasty. C) They forced the Abbasids to abdicate in favor of a family more closely related to the Prophet.
D) They were optimistic about the Abbasids accepting their beliefs. E) Shi’a sects were eliminated by the caliphate.

13. Which of the following was NOT a cause of the collapse of the agricultural economy during the Abbasid...
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