Review: Flames of Love

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  • Published : March 12, 2013
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Law,ChinLeng D.
Reflection Paper about “Flames Of Love”

This movie has a prescription for all the world’s ills. Whether your problem is infidelity, or prostitution, or porn, or an abusive father, or gambling, or whatever else, the answer is clear, pray. Obviously, this doesn’t make for a very good story. When the solution to every problem is prayer, the narrative tends to come off as a tad predictable. But the problems of Flames of Love only begin at predictability. It is often something far more toxic, the movie standing on a high horse, judging humanity for its weaknesses, and promoting a vision of morality drawn completely out of fear.

Flames of Love is a drama film about four families, four stories linked by a central character of a promiscuous girl played by Valerie Concepcion. This is a movie about realities in family life and society. It’s a Pro-God, Pro-family, inspiring, enlightening, and entertaining movie. The movie follows the lives of several families. Married couple Ben and Rose love each other very much, but struggle to find time to spend with each other. Rose begins to entertain thoughts with reuniting with an old flame. Emily is having trouble with her kids. Her son Pax has become obsessed with a girl, making him act erratically. That girl is Carla who has turned to a life of prostitution and casual sex to run away from her toxic home life. Their lives intersect as they each deal with their own demons. This film exist to push an advocacy, namely for the pro-life side in the RH Bill debates. Included in the film are some snatches of dialogue that promote this view, like how the condomis absolutely not 100% effective, or how promiscuity is not good trait. The movie aims to be "pro-God," which apparently means delivering the message that people need to be fearful of a higher power. The line "wala kang takot sa Diyos" is uttered more than once as an accusation, while the opposite is stated as a declaration of morality. Fear is a...
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