Review Essay on Justin Bieber

Topics: Justin Bieber, My World 2.0, Usher Pages: 3 (875 words) Published: September 29, 2011
Melissa Lopez
Professor Shannon H. McBurnette-Arguelles
English 1301
2 April 2011

I often hear “ He sings like a girl” or “ He looks like a 12 year old” when the words Justin Bieber come out my mouth. Immediately people start ranting against him with so much disgust like if they were deeply hurt by something insanely wrong he might of done. Justin Bieber is a boy who started of from YouTube by posting videos of himself which lead for his manager Scooter Braun to discover him. Many people judge a book by its cover instead of listening or looking. Justin Bieber’s music is mainly about falling in love with no limits. There is one song in particular that is just simply amazing. A girl may fall in love with the lyrics which then causes a horrifying disease that is really contagious called Bieber Fever.

“ Am I a sinner, cause half my dinner is still over my plate “ and “ children are crying, soldiers are dieing, some people don’t have a home ” are part of the lyrics from the song “PRAY” by Justin Bieber. (Bieber) When listeners hear and pay attention to the lyrics they think twice about what is really going on in the world that revolves around us; Imagining this world finally coming together as one in peace and no more wars.

“Pray” was leaked by a hacker on YouTube before it debuted on iTunes. Many people go to hear the song way before others did including Justin Bieber ,which made him upset. He was deciding whether to include the new inspiring song on the album and im glad he made a good decicion of including it. Once on iTunes the song was on the top 10 for weeks. November 26, 2010 , Black Friday , “My World Acoustics” album which had the song “Pray” was released and immediately sold out. Countless girl Beliebers certainly found the cd under their Christmas tree and started screaming like the world was about to end.

“Pray” is not a typical romantic song that 13 year old girls listen to when they are in love or a song that...
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