Review Essay of Arts, Inc.

Topics: Copyright, First Amendment to the United States Constitution, Copyright infringement Pages: 3 (909 words) Published: March 4, 2013
Review Essay of Arts, Inc.

In the book Arts, Inc., Bill Ivey, who is the former Chair of the NEA. His argument is simply that the combination of the increasing corporate dominance of the United States “cultural system” and the exfoliation of the increasing technology have destroyed the historical richness and diversity of culture. His second argument is that artistic heritage is a set of public assets, which should benefit all. Considered about the existing cultural institutions are often squandered, Ivey posits a “cultural bill of rights” that will defend the public from the depredations of corporate greed. The key mechanism for the massive business takeover of cultural rights is the law of intellectual property, which has been steadily transformed as an instrument of profit making for the international entertainment industry. He states his own opinion that copy right would hinder the development of arts and try to find an approach to remedy this. He then goes into deeper on how the government has failed to secure these rights and suggests the feasibility for how to close them. (Bill Ivey, 2008) An Article “Art Is Long; Copyrights Can Even Be Longer” discusses a copyright issue of a modified version of Picasso’s paining “Les Demoiselles d’Avignon” was reused in the new 3-D version of “Titanic”. With the rerelease of “Titanic,” the society wants Director Cameron to pay for the canvas again. After a series of disputes, a fleeting shot of “Les Demoiselles” going underwater has been replaced my Edgar Degas’ work “L’Étoile” which was also never on the ship but was at least a painting already in the public domain. According to the example, the article also discuss the Google Art Project, which just expanded its online collection of images to more than 30,000 works from 151 museums, agreed to remove 21 images it had posted, because of copyright challenges. Google Arts Project concerned to protect the artists’ interests from an aesthetic point of view and a...
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