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The reduction in the "roll" of the hull can result in a smoother rideRead more: Elisha Turner
Colleen Harvel
English 1A
April 26, 2012
Writing Project 4- Review essay
Swimming Cats
Who hasn’t dreamed of sailing away into the sunset? Life can be richer by living on a boat and sailing to exotic places. One can experience new things and the flavor of new cultures. Chris and Erin Miller are an ambitious couple who are living the dream. They quit their jobs, bought a catamaran and set sail. In the video Antares 44 Barefeet: Part 1 Chris said “When you are cruising you've got your own silverware, your own bed, your own everything and its a totally different deal than everything else. Unfortunately you have your own electric utility with you, you have your own car so you have got to do a little work to keep that up, but it really is a different thing when you are bringing your house around with you.” (Miller) There are two classifications of boats for cruising. The first is called a monohull. It is the boat most people think of when talking about a boat because it has just one hull, like a pirate ship. The hull is the main part of the boat that rides in the water. The second classification is called a multihull. This is the boat Chris and his wife Erin sail. Two hulls allow more stability and the boat doesn’t roll like a monohulled boat therefore; multihulls are better for leisure cruising. Multihulls are designed to sit on the water. Two well known catamaran manufacturers are Fountaine Pajot and Lagoon. Both of these manufacturers are located in France. The Fountaine Pajot Lipari 41 and the Lagoon 421 are comparable catamaran models, and are both approximately 40 ft long. These two popular models can be built with either 4 cabins or 3 cabins. Both boats have full size beds in all cabins, and the sleeping quarters are ample. It would be a nice feature if they offered a queen...
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