Review: Dr. King's Refrigerator and Other Bedtime Stories

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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In Charles Johnsons essay,”Dr Kings Refrigerator” Dr King realized after examining the contents of his refrigerator that” All of human culture, history and civilization laid unscrolled at his feet, and he had only to step into his kitchen to discover it”(3). The food that king discovers in his refrigerator make him feel that most Americans are lucky to have been provided food in abundance from many different countries and cultures. At the same time, he realizes that there are people that are not so lucky because they are poor and don’t have access to the quantity and quality of foods that most American’s have. Martin F. Manalansam`s article “Prairiescapes: Mapping Food, Loss, and Longing” similarly supports the idea that food provides a sense of connection between people that goes beyond culture or class; and in his article he talks about how food brings us memories of the past and friends back home.

In Johnson’s essay,” Dr King’s Refrigerator,” Dr King discovers how food makes him feel connected to humanity. When he begins to empty out his fridge he suddenly realizes the different varieties of foods from other culture that is located in his fridge. According to the text “his eyes tracked bright yellow slices of pineapple from Hawaii, truffles from England and a half-eaten Mexican tortilla,” (3) he begins to appreciate all the effort it takes from so many different cultures, to produce the varieties of food in his refrigerator. He also realizes that despite where we come from or our personal backgrounds, we all need each other at some Point; as Dr King looks at the food, he begins to feel a longing for humanity because he realizes that many people are not as privilege as he is.

Manalansans article, “ Prairieescapes”, supports the idea that food provides a sense of connection that goes beyond culture or class, by illustrating that food usually brings back memories of the past to the...
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