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Chapter 19 Review Questions
16.1. G, 2. C, 3. F, I, 4. H, 5. D
17.Their location and the thinness of walls, allow for exchange of materials between the blood and interstitial fluid. 18.Elastic arteries:
Location- near the heart
Histology elastin and smooth muscle cells
Functional adaptations they function as simple elastic tubes
Muscular arteries
Location deliver blood to specific body organs
Histology smooth muscle and fibrous
Functional adaptation active in vasoconstriction
Location leading to the capillary beds
Histology thinner but also mostly smooth muscle and fibrous
Functional adaptation determine the minute to minute flow into the capillary beds. 19.Blood flow =the difference in blood flow divided by resistance 20.Blood Pressure is the force per unit area exerted on a vessel wall by the contained blood expressed in mmHg. Systolic is pressure at contraction, and diastolic is pressure at rest. B) 110-140, over70-80. Short term control mediated by the nervous system and blood borne chemicals,counteracting moment to moment fluctuations in bp by altering peripheral resistance. Involves baroreceptors and to a lesser degree chemoreceptors. 21.It is fastest in the aorta and large arteries, where the cross sectional area is the highest and slower in the capillaries where the cross sectional area is least. 22.The blood flow to the skin for the purpose of nutrients is served by autoregulation in response to the need for oxygen. The flow for temperature regulation requires neural intervention, and are controlled by temperature receptors from higher CNS centers.

23.When experiencing the Fight or flight reflex the nervous system and blood borne chemicals counteract moment to moment fluctuations in B/P and CO. The neural controls distribute blood to the organs needing it like you musculoskeletal system during running, and...
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