Topics: The Go-Go's, Car seat, Wheel Pages: 3 (986 words) Published: May 8, 2013
Gogo Kidz Travelmate- An ideal travel companion
The ecstasy of travelling with kids on an airplane is quite overwhelming, considering car seats, strollers, diaper bags, airplane security, busy airports, safety belts and meltdowns. In addition, the travel safety is also a major concern, especially with young kids. “Federal Aviation Administration strongly recommends children under forty pounds to be seated in a child’s car seat on an airplane”( I am a mother of three children, a four-year-old boy and two-year-old boy and girl twins. Our family had a number of airplane travels together. Every time we had a flight, we were apprehensive about handling car seats strollers and carry-on luggage. Last year, we had a trip to Pakistan, which includes eighteen hours flight, plus connecting flights and waiting time at the airport, which accumulated to twenty-four hours of travel. I was searching online to get some tips on air traveling with kids, when I came across with this great product. The gogo kidz travelmate is a plastic attachment for a car seat, which converts any car seat into a stroller. The gogo kidz travelmate is the best and the most innovative travel accessory for the parents with young kids, on account of its compact and unique design, ease of assembly and usage, the manufacture’s responsive customer service and well worth price. First of all, the gogo kidz travelmate is smartly designed and very accessible accessory. It is a plastic frame that features 5” razor wheels, quick-release ratchet strap and a telescopic handle. The frame is compatible with most front facing car seats, which is not included with the frame. To check the compatibility of the car seats, the manufacturer has a complete list on their website. It works as a rolling suitcase and is recommended for babies and children up to fifty pounds (gogobabyz). The wheels are made of rubber, are sturdy, soft and easily detachable when not in use. The wheels are wide and provide stability and...
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