Topics: Management, Employment, Human resource management Pages: 3 (893 words) Published: March 30, 2013
There is increasing evidence that work-Life Balance has a direct impact on societal issues such as delayed parenting, declining fertility rates, ageing populations and decreasing labor supply. I t is documented that work-life balances policies are beneficial for individuals, their families, organizations, and society. However, other evidence demonstrates that the associated benefits are not always realized and work –life imbalance policies can result in reinforced gender iniquities and increased levels of work –life conflict. The paper reviews the ability of work –life blatancies policies to actually influence some key social and organizational issues. Current developments, such an increased casual work force and the impact of changes in newly industrialized nations, are discussed.

Work-life balance is fundamental to sustainable business which is ultimately about improving the quality of life for every one .It results in win-win situation because people will be more productive if they are happy in their jobs and this is more likely if there are able to balance work commitments with family life. Work-life balance (WLB) is an issue increasingly recognized as of strategic importance to organizations and of significance to employees. Work-life Balance is Human Resource Strategy, which is already recognized as the ultimate key for Human Resource Development among all the work systems .WLB addresses the concerns of improving employee satisfaction and motivation levels, strengthen work place learning and development for betterment in managing the change and adopting alien practices in the event of change .One of the important strategies to improve WLB is to create work culture and conduct which helps in maintaining an amicable good atmosphere where employees are treated with reasonable dignity and respect ,helping hand to ensure that employees for better personal and professional life. The success of any organization is...
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