Topics: Sociology, Bureaucracy, Public administration Pages: 2 (495 words) Published: January 20, 2013
The Contextless Nature of Public Administration in third world countries by M.Shamsul Haque.

In this article Shamsul haq has given a deep glance to a very sensitive issue of public administration. A country should have to opt administrative system parallel to its indigenous structure otherwise it will not be able to grow. Living standard of people will remain low. The third world countries have borrowed their systems from the developed nations. These countries will remain under-developed due to the fat that the adopted systems are not emerged in these countries from socio-historical context.

The contextless nature of public admission in third world countries has serious impact on nations economy. poverty, external dependence on foreign aid, violation of public accountability are the results. The administrative systems in third world countries reflect the lagacy of their respective colonial rules, included British, French.dutch Spanish.The modern administrative systems in third world countries are relatively unharmonious with their economic, political and cultural context.

As far as the economic context is concerned, we can say that the elite structure and bureaucracies have been inconsistent with the third world’s economic needs to develop private capital and entrepreneurship, achieve economic success and resolve poverty and inequality. For political context there has been inconsistency between the bureaucratic overdevelopment and political underdevelopment.forigen Education is a hinderance in this regard.Breaucrates take western education and training as compare to general public and try to impose it/the thing is western education of administration is for the context of those nations how it can be successful in a completely different envoirnment?. Political institutions are weak in terms of exercising their power in third world countries. Similarly in terms of cultural context due to exogenous origins of administrative structure there is mismatch...
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