Topics: Local government, Poverty, Political science Pages: 11 (3570 words) Published: December 26, 2012
Review of the Journal Article

Course Title: Development Practice: International Context and Worlds of Action

Convenor: Dr.Farhad Hossain

Programme Name: M I D P

Student’s ID: 8371644

The International Aid System and the Non-Governmental organizations: A new Research Agenda: Terje Tvedt

The importance of GO-NGO relation varies from country to country but as a whole it has a very significant influence over development initiatives and policy. In this article the writer predominantly urges for new way and avenue of inquiry into the study of NGOs and their activities. He insists that to go into the deep research on NGO- the process that has been used is not holistic. The traditional method has always been apprehensive with the capacity and improvement of NGOs work for the poor. Because of the lacking in proper NGO research framework the scholars and researchers have failed to thrive for identifying the reasons behind the high frequency of the growth of NGOs not only in developing countries but also in donor countries. Observing that tendency the writer has formulated some standards for the improvement of NGO research. On the course of setting new standard the writer has navigated through the history and evolution of emergence of NGOs to the political economy of the world order. He says from the inception of NGOs the researchers tried to put this organization to multiple statuses ranging from alternative government, civil society as a third sector after state and market. The writer senses some coterie interest of political leaders of donor states, state bureaucrats, diplomats and researchers behind the promotion of NGOs as sovereign image. Having pointed that aspect he counselled for the deep study on the networks and alliances between NGOs, donor states and NGO researchers and consultants. On fixing the parameter the writer used the term of ‘International Aid System’ which he thinks is fruitful to analyse this new international social system more empirically and effectively. Because it has the capability to study the whole NGO matter from the point of general forces of globalisation and societal variables in international politics after world war Ι Ι to typical normatively recognized system. Moreover the term also enables us to identify the outside factors which are influential outside the boundaries and their influence over the other organizations and civil society who do not receive any donor funds. For complementing the above mentioned term the writer creates another term ‘The DOSTANGO-SYSTEM’ for ensuring NGO research to be more non-normative, descriptive and empirical. The DOSTANGO system which stands for donor, state and NGO encourages historical analyses of state/NGO relations in different countries and regions based on understanding of NGOs as living, ever phenomena in relation to states and beneficiaries. Finally for the naming of the whole structure he used the term of ‘strategic communication regime’ which is a networked institutional force capable of intervening in development and policy internally and promoting its agenda externally. In addition to his above observation the writer detects some new types of elites apart from the typical elites of a society who come from of NGOs, research institutes, bureaucracy, donors and UN organizations circulate from one institution to another. According to writer this elite circulation reflects to other phenomena where states gradually invade the organizations and the research institutes on the other hand researchers influence the state’s monopoly in foreign policy. Overall it is a well compiled essay but the subject matter and the objective of the writer is not a basic or unique one because though the writer craves for in depth...
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