Reverse Discrimination and Racial Discrimination in the U.S.

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  • Published : June 15, 2011
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In the US reverse discrimination and racial discrimination are still two very difficult problems. What most need to realize is that it is not just the Asian Americans facing these issues. We cannot seem to strike a balance of equality and therefore reverse discrimination and racial discrimination are going to be issues for a bit longer. Hopefully not too many of the next generations will have to deal with reverse discrimination as more Asian Americans strive for changes. After all reverse discrimination is just as bad as other discrimination.

In conclusion, We’ll always have personal prejudices, but I think they’ll become more and more personal, and less and less expansive, as time rolls on. So long as there are people, there will be racism to some extent… in whatever form it is labelled. We have a natural ability to not get along with each other, it’s our nature.. To find fault with each other. Call it racism call it bigotry or ignorance it’s a human condition. As long as people can find something different about someone else there will always be hatred and discrimination. I find it always wrong but its a sorry fact people do not always want to be open and excepting to differences than themselves And The only way it will probably stop(discrimination/racism) is if everybody in the future has a little bit of every race in them, and I’m sure that’s pretty much impossible, so it will most likely always be around….
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