Reverse Culture Shock

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STAGE 1: Disengagement
This stage happens while the returnee is still abroad and he begins thinking about moving back home and moving away from his overseas experience and friends. This stage is characterized by a brief, or an extended, time of euphoria over being back home, or excitement about certain features of the home environment. As a result, the returnee begins to distance himself from his friends and host country. STAGE 2: Initial Euphoria

This stage usually begins shortly before departure, and it is characterized by feelings of excitement and initial euphoria about returning home. This feeling may last a few weeks, then give way to feelings of loneliness or “homesickness” for friends and experiences abroad.  The returnee will also be more aware of how different home is from the life he left behind. The returnee may begin to withdraw or limit his social interaction.  Reverse culture shock may be so intense that the returnee may criticize his home. STAGE 3: Alienation

Pollock (1999) suggests two different ways this stage is experienced. * Anger: Different and bad
Some returnees’ transition time gets harder, and they feel worse. The returnee sees those differences as bad because it is not the same with his foreign sojourn, or because what he sees and experiences violates his new values and beliefs. The returnee responds by being angry at his own culture or people. * Mockery: Different and Foolish

Sometimes the returnee’s response is mocker towards some aspects of the home culture. He may see some practices as unnecessary. STAGE 4: Gradual Readjustment
The returnee makes him peace with what was “different” in the home culture. Things will start to seem a little more normal again, and he will probably fall back into some old routines, but things won't be exactly the same as how he left them. He have most likely developed new attitudes, beliefs, habits as well as personal and professional goals, and he will see...
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