Reverend Hale

Topics: Salem witch trials, The Crucible, Witchcraft Pages: 2 (678 words) Published: December 6, 2012
The Crucible, written by Arthur Miller, is a play that takes place in 1692-1693 during the famous but tragic witch trials. Reverend Hale, a minister and expert of the demonic arts and witchcraft, is sent from East Hanover, Massachusetts to Salem because of a spreading fear of witchcraft. When Hale arrives in Salem he finds the entire town in total chaos. In the beginning, Reverend Hale is adamant in his belief that there were witches and that nothing but good could come out of his being there. In The Crucible, Reverend Hale undergoes a complete change in his presence through his actions, the words he speaks and the perception of the people in Salem, which results in a notable difference from the man that he used to be. Reverend Hale’s actions changed many times throughout the story. “He is asked to come to Salem by Reverend Parris.” (Miller 1140) Reverend Hale was brought there to figure out what was wrong with Betty, and to hunt witches. “He checks on Betty to see why she will not wake up.” (Miller 1149) Reverend Hale declares Betty and a group of girls as possessing witchcraft because he believed the girls' stories about being bewitched. “Once the people in Salem hear the news, they became outrageous.” (Miller 1155) The people immediately started a trail to hunt down the witches. Reverend Hale goes around, and studies the accused people. When in court, if the person accused did not confess, they knew they would be hung. The group of girls started blaming more people, and the whole court and town believed their stories. The trial continues on, and many people were hung because of the stories that were told to Reverend Hale. In The Crucible, Reverend Hale was called to Salem by Reverend Parris. His beliefs changed many times throughout the story. “He has studied demonology his whole life” (Bly). He was known as an expert on witches. “Hale brought many books with him” (Miller 11). These books contained many of the studies Reverend Hale had conducted. The studies...
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