Reverence for Life

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Jared Berman
Environmental Ethics
Mid-term paper
Reverence for life

At the height of his career, Albert Schweitzer was considered one of the most influential men of his time. He inspired millions of people with his speeches of revelations of life and how fulfilling a human’s life can be.

Decades later after his death, we look at the world and what is taking place. Amongst the some good on this planet, we still see destruction, death, and corrupt politics [at the very least in the United States]. In 3rd world countries where there are war motivated nations, along with other countries potentially bad ethics, perhaps it is time to reflect on Schweitzer’s words and thoughts during his life.

In Africa, where humans and animals fight for their lives, is when Schweitzer had a revelation and came up with a philosophy that would change the way we look at the world. He accomplished this with 3 simple words, Reverence for Life. After coming up with this phrase on a boat journey up stream through the hearth of Africa, he came invented an entirely new philosophy. In its simplest form, Reverence for Life means that we as living creatures on planet Earth, are only sure that we want to live and keep on living. This is something that we share with everything else that lives whether it be, plants, animals, insects, etc. Because of this, anyone or animal or plant that lives on this planet is connected by this one amazing thing. Nothing, whether be race, skin tone, religion, should be more important than this will to live. The world has evolved through millions of years to bring and support life. Every living thing on the planet or even non-living is supported by the Earth. The difference between humans and the rest of all the living organisms is that we humans are the only species that recognize this.

This revelation is very important to humans since we have the ability to destroy life or neglect life, even to cause suffering and death. Needless to say,...
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