Revenge Should Have No Bounds

Topics: Hamlet Pages: 2 (706 words) Published: May 31, 2013
Revenge should have no bounds
1) Laertes and Hamlet both have different approaches to revenge. Laertes basically says that he will not be messed with and just wants to get to the point of the revenge, and uses a lot of religious language to deal with the problem. He also mentions how he doesn’t care what happens to him after he sets revenge, he doesn’t care what’s right and what’s wrong and doesn’t want to hear anything but his own views on the story and especially not Hamlet’s. However hamlet uses a lot of aggression in his speech, he is more natural at plotting revenge and just wants to stay loyal to his father after swearing on an oath; however hamlet doesn’t want to endanger any of his friends in the mission to plot revenge which contrasts with Laertes revenge. Laertes doesn’t care what happens as long as he gets what he wants, whereas Hamlet is actually loyal to his friends as well as his father. Hamlet see’s all the pain that Claudius has caused and says that he’s killed his king so now Hamlet wants to sit and plot revenge to kill him. Laertes just wants to go out and set revenge whereas Hamlet takes things into consideration and plots it. 2) Claudius encourages Laertes to revenge by, I guess, blackmailing him and saying by taking action he will be showing how much he respects his father and probably scares him to think that something bad will happen to him if he doesn’t do what the king says. Claudius also states that Laertes cannot plot revenge just through words but needs to take action. Laertes then replies with ‘To cut his throat I’ the church’ and Claudius is proud that he’s thought of murder and agrees that murder would be the way for revenge, however states that it shouldn’t happen in a church as it’s not a church activity and revenge should have no bounds. Claudius edges Laertes to see the anger he see’s and feels about the death of Polonius so he feels even more angry and does the best he can with the whole revenge situation. ‘Revenge...
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