Rev Sun Myung Moon, Unification Church

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Reverend Sun Myung Moon
Founder of the Unification Church

Rev Sun Myung Moon
The Messiah, Savior and Lord of the Second Advent, working under the authority of God to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth (Rev and Mrs Moon). Jesus appealed for his help (in 1935, at the age of 16) to complete his works which he begun 2000 years ago and left unfinished after his crucifixion. Jesus asked him to establish God’s kingdom on Earth and bring peace to humankind (Biography of Rev. Sun Myung Moon, 2007) Jesus admonished him to carry out the task that Christ failed to complete because he is the only one who could do it. (Stewart, Josh, McDowell Don) Rev. Sun Myung Moon and Dr Hak Ja Moon (his wife), are the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and all the humanity who embody the true love of God (Rev Sun Myung Moon and the Unification Church) In 2004, Reverend Moon crowned himself King of Peace. The crowning took place in the Dirksen Senate Office Building in Washington D.C. (Sun Myung Moon, 2011) after which the Reverend made a long speech which included the following statements: “Emperors, Kings and Presidents…have declared to all Heaven and Earth that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is none other than humanity’s Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent. The Founders of five great religions and many other leaders in the spirit world, including even Communist leaders such as Marx and Lenin and dictators such as Hitler and Stalin, have found the strength in my teachings, mended their ways and been reborn as new persons.” (ReligionFacts, 2007) Reverend Sun Myung Moon, a narcissistic self-appointed Deity entombed in his own utopian illusions, a charismatic and prolific orator who manages to stay one step ahead of a straight jacket, a megalomaniac whose every sense of propriety has completely vanished and an all around raving lunatic…..or is he? Latest estimate on his personal net worth: $919 million

Rev Sun Myung Moon- Time Line:
Born: January 6, 1920 in Korea (during the time of Japanese occupation) 1935: A Calling from Jesus Christ
Early Easter morning 1935, Jesus appeared to the young Sun Myung Moon as he was praying in the Korean mountains. In that vision, Jesus asked him to continue the work which he had begun on earth nearly 2,000 years before. Jesus asked him to complete the task of establishing God's kingdom on earth and bringing peace to humankind. ( 1935-41: Develops ‘The Devine Principle’ the basis for his teachings and Doctrine of the Unification Church. After accepting the challenge from Jesus to complete his Mission, Moon embarked on a path of learning to gain complete understanding of sin and its origin. On several occasions he was guided directly by Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha and other saints and sages of all faiths, who met him in spirit and contributed to his understanding of God and the complex history of God's relationship with humankind. By the age of 25, he had completed the Devine Principle and Unification Principle. ( 1941-43: Goes to Japan to study electronic engineering. During this period he continued to study and strengthen his faith and organize an independence movement against Japanese occupation. His greatest supporters were the young Christians and Communists who were his closest friends and classmates. Despite the great pain he felt for the Communists’ Atheism, he is profoundly moved by their sincerity and dedication toward his utopian world. Because of his underground movement, young Moon was arrested, imprisoned and tortured by the Japanese. 1943-46: Returns to Korea, marries Sang Il Choi, and in 1944 imprisoned by the Japanese once again. In 1945, Moon began his public Ministry promoting his Devine Principle as the fundamental teachings. In 1946 while on a shopping trip, God told him to leave his Family and immediately go to North Korea without notifying anyone....
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