Rev. Henry Ward

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  • Published: October 1, 2011
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Biography - An Account of his life (1879-1981)

Reverend Henry Ward was born in Golden Grove, St. Ann. He received his early education at Clapham Elementary School, and then moved on to St. George’s Elementary in guys Hill. There he passed the Pupil Teachers’ Examination with distinction and gained an exhibitioner’s scholarship to the Micro Teachers’ College. He distinguished himself at Mico, and his personal conduct was exemplary throughout his college career. In 1900, he graduated from Mico as an honor student. He first taught at Ebenezer School in Manchester. There he demanded and achieved excellence.

In 1910, at the age of 31, Rev. Ward was elected president of the then Jamaica Union of Teachers. One year later, he answered the call to Christian ministry and from 1911-1913 studied at the Woodlands Theological College in South Manchester, Jamaica. In 1916, as a minister of the Presbyterian Church, he accepted a job to teach at the Hope Waddel Institute, Calabar, South Nigeria. He was also responsible for the establishment of Meadowbrook and Cayman High Schools. Rev. Henry Ward worked with the local Parish Council, and he was also a Justice of the Peace. He also loved the farm and helped subsistence farmers to own land through the Nutfield Land Settlement Scheme in St. Mary.

Writing for the press was his hobby, and education his favorite topic. He maintained that education was not for the privilege few and that every child had a right to proper education. Reading, for him, was a priority subject and so it occupied his mind and his pen. He dared persons to read, he demanded response, and he was successful. Rev. Henry Ward worked closely with Rev. Madge Saunders of the Presbyterian Church. He established some institutions for young children at Salem Church Hall, Rose Bank and Hampstead (area were Rev. Ward had ministered). Rev. Ward returned to Jamaica in 1923 and took up the pastorate at Salem Presbyterian Church in Islington, St. Mary. His involvement...
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