“Reunion” by John Cheever

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  • Published : April 26, 2013
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It is better to know and be disappointed, than to not know and always wonder Ord: 880
The meeting with a person you’ve missed can be just as joyful, as it can be sad. We experience just that in the short story “Reunion” by John Cheever. Charlie is transferring trains in New York and got a 90-minuts window to eat lunch with his father, who he has not seen in 3 years since his parents, is divorced. The father seems as a stranger, but Charlie hopes to reconnect with him. They go to several restaurants, and Charlie is soon to discover his father’s bad character, as he treats the workers repulsively and drinks a lot. After five odious scenes, Charlie leaves his father with a distant goodbye.

The main person and narrator Charlie were transferring trains in New York and saw the opportunity to see his father, which he has not seen in 3 years since his parents is divorced. He is glad to meet his father, but through the history he changes his mind, as he learns who his father is. At some point we assume that he does not want him as his father and realizes why his mother left him. We do not know his age, but that he does travel alone and yet does not recall who his father is as person, indicates that he is young teenager.

We do not know the fathers profession, but we know that he has got a secretary that who writes to Charlie. It seems like he does not care very much for Charlie, since it does not write personally. “At twelve o’clock sharp I saw him coming through the crowd.” He shows up on time. He speaks four languages at the restaurants. All this indicates that he is with a high profession - maybe a leader who is abusing the staff. “I’d like to take you up to my club, but it’s in the Sixties.” He refers to the club as if it his is own. ” I guess we’d better get something to eat around here." He does not approve the place they are. At some point we get the feeling that he suffers from alcoholism, as the “Gibson’s Beefeaters” kept coming and the ”rich...
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