Reunion and Rose for Emily

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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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In the essay, I will do some comparison or contrast between The Story of an Hour which is written by Kate Chopin and Reunion which is written by John Cheever. According to The Story of an Hour, it is talking about the happen after Mrs. Mallard’s received the dead news of her husband. And Reunion is talking about the happen within Charlie reunited with his father. However, this essay will divide into two main parts. The first part is analyzing the characterization and the second part is analyzing the themes. There are some similar and difference upon to these two elements. After you read, you will know more about the characterization and themes between these two stories.

First, there are some similar and difference characterizations between these two stories.

Mrs. Mallard| Charlie|
Protagonist (round)Joy → disappoint After her husband died, she felt joy and hopeful since she could enjoy the freedom. But after her husband came back, she felt disappointed as she could not enjoy the freedom. | Protagonist (round)Joy → disappointAfter Charlie met his father, he felt joy and excited since he hadn’t seen his father within three years. But after eating lunch with his father, he felt disappointed as his father’s action.| Something happened, let them feel joy and also disappointed. |

Mrs. Mallard| Charlie|
The third person omniscient narratorReliableThe third person omniscient narrative point of view let readers to know the characterization. E.g. she did not hear the story as many women have heard the same, with a paralyzed inability to accept its significance.| The first person narratorUnreliableThe third person omniscient narrative point of view let readers to assume the characterization.E.g. “good bye, daddy,” I said, and I went down the stairs and got my train, and that was the last time I saw my father. | Different will influence reader to know the characterization of the characters.|
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