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  • Published : March 4, 2013
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Reuben James L. Domingo
February 21, 2013
The World’s End
Have you ever wondered or thought about how the world could come to an end? Do you have a guess about when will the world end? There were rumors before that the world would end in 2012. They even made movies about it. I don’t know if the producers of the movie believed in the rumors or they just wanted to scare the people off. Whatever the reasons, those movies are failures at successful prediction. Kids in the future will just laugh on those movies. That’s if the world has not come to an end yet. Nobody really knows when the world will come to an end. It’s impossible to know. Scientists are also unsure on when the world will end, but they have a lot of theories on how the world could end. Corey S. Powell from 20 Ways the World Could End Swept Away said that the world could end because of natural disasters, human-triggered disasters, willful self-destruction, or a greater force that is against us. Let’s not forget about the other movies and TV series. There are movies about some unknown living-beings from other planets invading the Earth, robots and machines going rogue on their creators, and zombies coming out from nowhere to eat us alive. There isn’t any date on these movies and TV series so they’re not a failure, yet. It might sound ridiculous, but who knows? It might just happen in the near future. There are lots of theories on how the world could end, but for me, I think that the world could end because of an asteroid impact, a global war, or a zombie apocalypse.

My first guess is the world could end because of an asteroid impact. According to the 20 Ways the World Could End Swept Away by Corey S. Powell, there was a 200-foot-wide comet fragment that hit the Earth before. That’s a huge size if you ask me. I’m not good in measurements, but I certainly think that it’s very big. Benny Paiser, an anthropologist-cum-pessimist, said that impacts have disrupted human civilization a lot of times...
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