Returning to School

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  • Published : March 12, 2011
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ENG 121 English Compositions I
By Adam Short
Instructor Andrea Pfaff
February 1, 2011

The Reason I’m returning to school to be able to get a job in the field, to be able help myself financially. And also, to get a job I can enjoy going to everyday. In today’s world need a degree to get a better job. I have always wanted a medical and criminal justice degree. I accomplished the medical degree, so I decide to go back to school for my criminal justice degree. I have always, wanted a career dealing with the law I have enjoying doing law. There will be always be jobs in the criminal justice. I have always wanted a job that I can help people, going back to school to get my degree is the most important to me. I have had jobs that were low pay and not rewarding that was dead in jobs. I have also, always wanted go back to school do get my degree in criminal justice. I have family and friends that are cops. I’m going to work hard to achieve my goal getting my criminal justice degree by getting my homework done on time and do the best of my ability. The changes I have to do to pursue towards my criminal justice degree to set more time aside to do my homework and assignments done on time. The obstacles I have to overcome I was working and going to school January 3 I lost my job I been trying to find another job, but not having any luck. Stressing over how to pay rent and no money coming in it makes it harder to trying to get my homework done. It’s my biggest obstacle to overcome to keep my school on track to successfully complete my degree. When I get my degree it will be the greatest accomplishment I have ever done, besides getting my medical degree. The benefits of college degree is to get a rewarding career and better pay with a college degree helps to get a degree in your field get a job that is exciting to go everyday and enjoy what you are doing. College is hard, but at the end of school it makes it worth every minute that you have accomplish something that...
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