Returning to College

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Returning to College
Nicole Morgan
English 121 Composition
Syndee Wood
March 29, 2013

I am turning 40 in a few days and now finding myself going back to college. I did attend college right after high school and got my Associate degree in accounting which I never ended up getting a job in that field. You may ask for what reasons would someone return to college after being out of school for over twenty years. I know I have asked myself the same questions along with what obstacles I will be facing. Other questions are how will I successfully complete the classes to get my degree, which college will I attend and how will I pay for it. Here are some of my reasons for returning to school.

One reason for deciding to return to school is because I lost my job as a Medical Assistant. I have been working in the health care field for the past 15 years. In my search for a new job I am now finding out that not many companies want to hire you unless you have your medical assistant certification. I was surprised by this because you would think that 15 years of experience is enough.

While thinking about returning to school some of the obstacles I needed to look at were will I have time to do my home work and study. What will I have to do to make sure I balance everything in my life? I have my family and full time job to think about. Will I lose time with my family and what impact will it have on them? After talking with my family they said that they would support me in any way possible. This has made it easier for all of us to get home work done and be able to spend time together.

Then the only question left was will I able to afford going back to school. Will I qualify for financial aid? Does this make sense to do when my son is three years away for high school graduation and will be looking at going to college himself.

Now that I have decided to go...
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