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Diploma in Business Studies (DBS)

Returning to Learning and Academic Competencies (SBUS1005D)


Copyright September 2011

Returning to Learning & Academic Competencies (SBUS1005D) University College Dublin ___________________________________________________________________________________

Author: Janice Byrne, Dr Linda Dowling-Hetherington and Dr Orna O’Brien Amendments by Sinéad D’Arcy, Mairead Hogan and Oonagh Sweeney (2011)

This manual was prepared for University College Dublin as a comprehensive support for students completing the above mentioned Degree programme.

© This publication may not be reproduced, in whole or in part without permission in from University College Dublin.

Module Co-ordinator: Ms Sinéad D’Arcy
Contact details Office: Q112, First Floor, UCD Quinn School of Business Office Hours: 9.30am – 5pm Monday - Friday Email: Telephone: 01 716 4738


Returning to Learning & Academic Competencies (SBUS1005D) University College Dublin ___________________________________________________________________________________

TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE Welcome message 1. INTRODUCTION a. Background of the Topic b. Module Aims 2. MODULE OUTLINE a. Learning Outcomes b. Module Text c. Themes and Topics d. Learning Supports 3. MODULE DELIVERY SCHEDULE a. Course Planner 4. ASSESSMENT DETAILS 5. GRADING a. University grading policy b. Grade descriptors for assessment components 6. TOPICS Topic 1: Managing your Learning at University Topic 2: Planning and Organising Your Study Topic 3: Learning from Lectures Topic 4: Reading Topic 5: Note-Taking Topic 6: Memory Techniques Topic 7: Essay Writing 1 – Planning & Structure Topic 8: Essay Writing 2 – Grammar & Punctuation Topic 9: Referencing Guidelines Topic 10: Sourcing Information Topic 11: Preparing for Examinations Bibliograhy

5 5 6 7 7 7 7 8 11 13 14 21 21 22
24 30 42 47 53 57 62 83 96 113 129 141

7. CONCLUDING COMMENTS APPENDICES Appendix 1: Important Documents Appendix 2: SafeAssign Explained Appendix 3: Sample Timetable Appendix 4: Suggested Abbreviations Appendix 5: Sample Assignment Cover Sheet Appendix 6: Sample Essay Plan 1. Guidelines for the Late Submission of Coursework 2. A Briefing Document for Students on Academic Integrity and Plagiarism

144 145 147 148 149 150


Returning to Learning & Academic Competencies (SBUS1005D) University College Dublin ___________________________________________________________________________________

Welcome Message As coordinator of the Returning to Learning & Academic Competencies module, I wish to welcome you to the module. This is the first of two study skills development modules you will be undertaking over the course of the coming year. This module has been specifically designed for mature students returning to education on a part-time distance learning basis. The module will assist students in developing the key study skills required to successfully complete a Diploma / Degree programme. Topics covered include: returning to education as a mature student; learning methods and study techniques and approaches, planning and organising study, time management, reading techniques, notetaking techniques, memory techniques, principles of good essay-writing, referencing protocol, use of library and examination techniques. Revision Techniques Examination Technique Reading/ Note-taking

Research & Literature Evaluation

Key Study Skills
Essay writing

Organising Study / Time Management

Memory Techniques

Should you require clarification on any matter pertaining to the module, please do not hesitate to contact me. I look forward to working with you over the course of your studies and wish you every success as you begin this programme of study.

Sinéad D’Arcy Module Co-ordinator, Returning to Learning & Academic Competencies (SBUS1005D)


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