Return of Martin Guerre

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Return of Martin Guerre

When it comes to film, there are many examples which would be considered, “historically accurate” to the time that the film is portraying. Many films such as Glory, Gettysburg, All Quiet on the Western Front, and Gods and Generals to name a few in my opinion, accurately portray the events and situations in history. When dealing with the french film, Le Retour de Martin Guerre, many aspects of the Movie that I found are historically accurate, while some of the situations portrayed, are unfortunately not.

Le Retour de Martin Guerre is a film that takes place in the peasant town of Artigat in the 1500's. A very young man at the time, named Martin Guerre, also married a very young woman at the time, who was named Bertrande de Rols. The issue that pops up is the fact that this marriage between Martin Guerre and Bertrand de Rols was an arranged marriage. Granted, this was a very common occurrence back in the 1500's, which is historically accurate, but I believe that the marriage, and certain other situations, in my opinion, are the reasons why this whole situation of Martin Guerre leaving, occurred in the first place.

The marriage was arranged to secure agreements between the two families that were involved, which included social, economic, and business arrangements. These actions were not very uncommon either back in the 1500's, but most of the time, like in Martin's and Bertrand's case, did not go along very well. To be honest, Martin Guerre was not a very good husband at all. Very abusive, and neglecting, Bertrand had to suffer through a lot of issues because of this arranged marriage.

Still a very young Martin, who was now around 24 years old at the time, essentially ran away from his village, leaving his wife ,child, parents, and his home behind. For eight years Bertrande raised her son, lived, worked, and ultimately waited. She was neither a wife, nor essentially a widow. She was stuck in between two opposing worlds.

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