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The Chapel on the Hill and the “Labyrinth”

One ’side trip’ I had to Punta Fuego was the Chapel on the Hill in Don Bosco, Batulao, Batangas (also known as the Mary Help of Christians Center of Spirituality). It is situated on ‘top of hill’ immediately beside the entrance of Don Bosco. You can see it from the road going to Caleruega, about a kilometer from the entrance of Evercrest Hotel & Resort.

[The Chapel on the Hill]
To get there, take the national highway from Tagaytay City going to Nasugbu, Batangas. Turn left at the entrance of the Evercrest Hotel and Resort (after Petron Station). The Chapel on the Hill is about a kilometer to your left from the Evercrest entrance. Going further down the road would be Caleruega. [See Location map] The chapel has a circular floor plan. Calming, not only because of its location but also because of what you see around. With glass walls, you get a 360-view of the surroundings. Equally interesting is its “Labyrinth”. It seeks to help meditate and facilitate communion with God and one’s inner self, aside from the fact that it’s gradually becoming a prime wedding destination south of Manila. Below is a shot of the chapel’s interior. Notice the circular pattern on the floor – that’s the ‘Labyrinth.’
To explain better the significance of the floor pattern, I am quoting hereunder what is written at the entrance of the chapel and a faithful transcription thereof: THE LABYRINTH – Journey to Inner Peace

What is it?The labyrinth is a sacred circle with a single path that leads to its center. Walking the path lends itself to prayer and meditation. This kinesthetic style of prayer is especially valuable during those times when words cannot express the depths of heights of our experience. History:

The labyrinth has a long history in the Christian tradition. During the Middle Ages, it was customary for the faithful to vow to make a pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Since travel at that time was both dangerous and expensive, seven cathedrals throughout Europe were designated as alternative sites where pilgrims would journey to fulfill their vows through walking the labyr. (sic) How to Use It: The Four Movements

1. On the Threshold – remove your shoes as an act of humility letting go and connect yourself to the earth. A truly spiritual person is very grounded. You may even bend to touch the ground to connect with the energies of the earth and the labyrinth. Bless yourself with holy water as an absolution and purification readying yourself to receive God’s presence. X x x 2. Journeying In – Try not to suppress the feelings that arise as you walk; instead embrace them. The twist and turns help you to shed layers of attachments, worry, anxiety, biases, distractions that prevents opening up to God’s will. These will enable the mind to stop chattering. The walk sharpens perception and readies the soul. Enjoying the twist and turn can help us to accept the changes in our lives. What seems like retrogression or being lost is actually a moving on toward the center goal. In this way, the journey is reassuring, reminding us that life is full of changes which we should not fear but welcome. 3.The Resting Place – In this open space you may rest sit, breathe and be still. Here receive a blessing through your crown or your feet. It may be the gift of a word, a feeling or just stillness. Open your mind to the experience. This is where something new can take root and blossom, where you can let light into the center of your heart. Notice what you may be too rushed to see; ask a question you are normally afraid to ask; it may be the place to express a hidden beauty, joy or grief. Emptied with distractions, you now have the opportunity to be filled. 4. Journeying out – When you feel ready to leave the center, give thanks to whatever you have found or received and begin your journey out. You may feel faster, lighter and funnier than you did on the way in. When you reach the exit pause, give thanks and rest. You may...
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