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Implementing Time To Teach Using a Flow Chart
D’Ette Griffin
March 11, 2013
EDU 618
Dr. Thinh Nguyen

Learning Setting:
The learning setting is a middle school in rural Espanola, New Mexico. The school is only 8th and 9th grade, about six hundred students. Having only two grades causes some of the discipline problems of the school to be exaggerated. Schools with only two grades set up unique problems, missing the third grade which balances the school. Eighty five percent of these students are on the free lunch program, many of their families are on welfare, unemployment, disability or have very low paying jobs. The poverty rate in Espanola, New Mexico is very high. The racial break-down is about 49% Hispanic, 28% Native American, 20% Caucasian and 3% African American. The school’s staff has noticed that many of the students lack positive character traits, low level discipline problems; they have low test scores and a huge bullying problem. The administrators and staff have decided to bring in a classroom management program that will address these issues. The program the principal has decided to implement is called Time To Teach. The principal has hired a trainer and the dates have been set. This paper will explore the process of choosing and implement a classroom management program by using the project logic model. “The program logic model is defined as a picture of how your organization does its work – the theory and assumptions underlying the program. A program logic model links outcomes (both short- and long-term) with program activities/processes and the theoretic assumptions/principles of the program.”(Kellogg, 2004 p.111) The goal of an educator is to educate, but every administrator and educator knows that that is easier said than done. The goal of education is often hindered by inappropriate behaviors that stop teaching, stop learning and are a waste of time. Initial attempts to combat this problem begin with posting all the school-wide rules and expectations and a list of what the consequences for failure to follow the rules. Schools wanting to create a positive learning environment and sense of community to must go beyond the basic rules and communicate the vision of the school. The vision should be shared among staff, students and the community and all stakeholders need to “buy-in”. The students must be ‘buy-in’ the importance of good behavior and character, furthermore become active participants in making their school better. The behavioral expectations will be displayed in every classroom as the ‘expectations will posted throughout the campus as well as the schools vision. It is “equally important to remember to periodically update the vision as necessary to maintain personal and cultural relevance.”(Dahlgren, Malas, Faulk and Lattimer,(2008, p.188) When choosing a vision for your school it may take on many varied forms the authors continue, there is no right way to have it, “the important thing is just to have it.” (p.189) Finally they suggest Vision and Mission statements should be revisited in three to four years to reflect the cultural changes and relevance of the times. Mission Statement

The mission of Carlos Vigil Middle School is to guide students to become productive and contributing members of society. Carlos Vigil Middle School will provide strong academic and co-curricular programs. The staff shall coordinate resources of the school and community so that students will respect themselves and others, while appreciating the value of diversity, individuality, creativity. Recognize that problems are opportunities of change. We seek a set of moral standards and character traits that allows them to thrive in the world. Students will be taught with “Unconditional Positive Regard” and teachers will model appropriate behavior. Students will experience the joy of learning as a lifelong process. The value system that underlies efforts to accomplish this mission includes these beliefs...
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