Rethinking Body Weight

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  • Published : October 12, 2008
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Synthesis: Body weight

Body weight is a major area of concern for many Americans. Not many men and women know what to believe about body weight because we are receiving countless mixed messages from the media, medical industry, food industry and much more. One industry will promote weight loss products whereas another will push products onto consumers that will produce weight gain. The public receives so many messages about body weight, yet none coincides with one another.

The problem with the clothing industry is that most pieces of stylish clothing are designed to fit a smaller person. In a department store, sizes basically range from small to large. There is no extra-extra large and so on. A person would need to go to a specialty store in order to find larger sizes. According to Worley, if a person is overweight, finding clothes that fit is a major problem. To find her first piece of fashionable clothing, Worley had to go to a special convention held especially for the acceptance of fat people. She stated that where she comes from, a person can not find clothes that he or she can actually get on and there are not many choices as far as clothing options. Clothing for large people is normally unattractive. Stylish clothing for large people is usually only found at a specialty store such as Lane Bryant. This makes the public wonder if a larger person is limited to certain stores. If larger people are being limited to specified stores, there could be no end to what industries limit heavy people to. (Worley 1)

The media perceives fat as unattractive. All people see on magazine covers are pictures of thin celebrities. If there happens to be an overweight person on the cover, it is probably to publicity humiliate them for being fat. There is a whole page dedicated to celebrities who look unsightly in a bathing suit. If a person has a bit of cellulite, the cameras zoom onto that area to make sure everyone sees it. Many people wonder if being skinny is the new...
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