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RetailMax: “Role for Cam Archer and Regan Kessel”
Sabrina Brown Professor Lahargoue
Grand Canyon University: LDR-610
March 13, 2013

RetailMax: “Role for Cam Archer and Regan Kessel”
What is RetailMax? RetailMax, Inc. is a young Boston- based company that provides merchandise, optimization software, and assistance with tasks such as; preseason planning inventory management, product pricing, and forecasting customer demands to major retailers. RetailMax was founded in 1984 as a consulting company and transitioned to a software company in 1998. Like many other software companies, RetailMax was forced to downsize in areas that were not directly involved with making or selling software, however since hiring Todd Elman as the new CEO, the company bounced back and were able to hire more than 100 employees to work (2006).

Who is Cam Archer? Cam Archer started working at RetailMax within a business development capacity where she managed strategic alliances and partnerships after just graduating with her MBA from a leading business school. In the position Cam was in, she has a very good reputation from both internally and by her customers that she is very smart, diligent, and valuable individual (2006). However, after years of being in a sales position Cam decided to start exploring other options at RetailMax where he can stay with the company but change to another position with less or no traveling required.

Who is Regan Kessel? Regan is the Vice President of Product Management and Marketing (PMM) for RetailMax, Inc., Regan has 20 years of experience working in the industry. Regan founded his own retail supply chain software company, which was sold to IBM in 1996. Since then has developed product and marketing strategies for numerous supply chain companies, and recently worked with a Dallas-Based company commuting to Texas from home base to Boston. Todd approached Regan to come aboard...
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