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Topics: Retailing, Department store, Sales Pages: 4 (1147 words) Published: March 23, 2013
Evening MBA Program
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Group Term Paper on
“Retailing & Wholesaling”

Prof. Dr. A N M Sayeedul H. Khan
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Department of Marketing
Faculty of Business Studies
University of Dhaka
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University of Dhaka
Submission Date: July 21, 2012

Introduction: The Retailing & Wholesaling Practice helps clients to be more successful by sharing best practices, providing valuable benchmarking information, and proposing solutions that help them to reduce their total cost of risk. As retailing and wholesaling have become more global, competition has intensified. In addition to the global economic downturn, today's retailers face a wide range of challenges, including industry consolidation, employee attraction and retention, and business continuity. And as always, consumers are demanding ever-higher quality — at ever-lower prices — for the products they buy. Retailing includes all the activities involved in the selling products or services directly to final consumers for their personal , non business use. These products or services are sold in smaller quantities and with high frequency. Many institutions- Manufacturers, wholesalers & retailers do retailing. But most retailing is done by retailers. A business whose sales come primarily from retailing is known as Retailer. Wholesaling includes all activities involved in selling goods & services to those buying for sales or business use. We call Wholesalers those firms engaged primarily in wholesaling activities. Wholesalers buy mostly from producers and sell mostly to retailers, industrial consumers & other wholesalers. As a result wholesalers &...
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