Retailer Loyalty Programs Industry in Us to August 2013

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Retailer Loyalty Programs - US - August 2013

While consumers increasingly expect a personalized retailer experience, they are also worried about privacy and the use of their personal information. Transparency in data collection and usage is critical to building trust. Convincing them that data collected by retailers is being used to enhance the consumers’ program experience may go a long way to building better relationships.

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executive Summary the Market surge In Loyalty Membership, But Slower Growth In Active Participation figure 1: Total U.s. Loyalty Program Memberships And Active Memberships, 2006-12 specialty Retailers Took The Lion’s Share, Followed By Department And Grocery Stores figure 2: U.s. Retailer Loyalty Program Membership, By Segment, 2010 And 2012 market Drivers economic Recovery, However Sluggish, Favors Retailer Loyalty Programs despite Financial Difficulties, Youngest Consumers Continue To Shop rise In Mobile Internet Access Likely To Help Program Engagement growth In Purchasing Power, Population And Loyalty Enrollment Of Minorities To Benefit Loyalty Programs the Consumer loyalty Program Participation Reflects Where The Consumer Tends To Shop price-based Factors Drive Consumer Recommendation loyalty Program Membership A Catalyst To Brand Advocacy two In Five Members Have Room For More Program Participations easy Reward Redemption And Point Accumulation Is Important privacy Is An Important Strategic Tool In A Loyalty Program Retailer Loyalty Programs - US - August 2013

frustration With Time Required To Earn Rewards And The Triviality Of Rewards Offered Creates Barriers To Engagement what We Think

issues And Insights the...
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