Retail Tracking Systems

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Retail Tracking Systems
Retail Pro or MicroStrategy?

Retail Pro is Business Intelligence software that enables retail store owners to customize a “Point-of-Sale” (POS) method of retailing. The key feature of this software is the ability to create multiple revenues of sales inside one store. The software allows employees to select from an array of add-on modules to run a retail establishment using strategic planning and undergoing the various tasks involved operating a retail establishment. Retail Pro is flexible, easy to use, and accommodates small businesses to large corporations by increasing retention and customer satisfaction by creating the “better client experience”. (Retail Pro International, 2010)

Retail Pro Software Features
* Software infrastructure
* Point of Sale and Store Operations
* Merchandising
* Central Customer Management
* Central Returns Management
* Oracle Database Engine

This software creates very flexible reporting of business data you need at the time you need it. The POS and back office has extensive capabilities creating a work flow customized upon the needs of your business such as inventory management, purchase ordering, integration with payment solutions, store replenishment, receiving, and employee management. Retail Pro is perfect for businesses starting out small and grows as the business grows. There are several modules that are centrally focused on what types of products you sell in your retail establishment. Some of these modules are as listed:

* Gifts and Toy Solutions
* Hard Goods Solutions
* Home Furnishing Solutions
* Specialty Apparel Solutions
* Jewelry Solutions

Each of these modules specialize in helping keep track of inventory, merchandising, customer management using role-specific dashboards capable of period to period analysis and reporting to improve business, store performance, and profit margins. The advantages of its Business Intelligence is that it saves time and money, improves profit margins, increases business and store performance, and maximizes returns on existing data sources. (Retail Pro International, 2010)

MicroStrategy is Business Intelligence Software for retail tracking systems in the palm of your hand. It’s the Mobile Business Intelligence that applies iPad as a business tool. You can access dashboards to create brilliant business analysis and reports any time, any where. Besides having extraordinary displays for data, MicroStrategy includes the following features:

* Unlimited data analysis
* Data mining
* Forecasting
* Operations Management
* Executive decision making

MicroStrategy’s mobile iPhone and iPad views videos on YouTube and views Podcasts in iTunes. This mobile retail tracking system even comes with a free custom dashboard. The Business Intelligence Architecture is low in cost for ownership and delivers high performance and sophisticated analytics. If you are interested in Beta Programs, there are options one can participate. The following is what is included in MicroStrategy’s business applications:

* Mobile Business Intelligence
* Financial Analysis
* HR Analytics
* Supply Chain Analytics
* Sales Analytics
* Balanced Scoreboard

MicroStrategy is World Class Business Intelligence for all your business needs. It is very user friendly migrating from departmental Business Intelligence to enterprise Business Intelligence. MicroStrategy can develop and deploy department Business Intelligence applications quickly and deliver enterprise Business Intelligence with higher performance and efficiency. (MicroStrategy, 2010)

I knew there was a strategy involved in running a retail establishment, but I did not realize that retail tracking systems available today creating your Point-of-Sale could be as easy as using the computer to keep track of the elements involved in various levels regarding merchandizing to...
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