Retail Strategy to Enter Rural India

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  • Published: September 8, 2010
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A Research Study on Rise of Retail sector in Rural India


Karan Kathuria (9030241411)

Nitin Solan (9030241419)

Sumit Aggarwal (9030241433)

Vibhor Gupta (9030241436)

Table of Contents

1.2Purpose of the Study6
1.3Research Questions7
1.4Research Methodology used7
2.Literature Review8
3.Data Analysis - Preference of Various FMCG goods in rural market8 3.1Toothpaste market in rural sector8
3.2Different Soap Brands in Rural Market9
3.3Preference of different shampoos9
3.4Preference of consumer towards detergents10
3.5Analysis of all data collected11
4.Data Analysis - Strategies used by different companies to expand their market share12 4.1Strategies to penetrate the rural market12
4.2Strategies adopted by companies and output they got14
4.2.3Coca Cola’s Parivartan15
4.2.4Project Shakti16
4.2.5 3A Bazaar16
5Findings from the Research17

Table of Figures

Figure 1: Demands of Different Toothpaste Brands8
Figure 2: Demand of Soap Brands9
Figure 3: Demand of Shampoo Brands10
Figure 4: Demand of Shampoo in Sache Category10
Figure 5: Demand of Detergents11
Figure 6: Demand of Detergent in Sache11
Figure 7: PUB Model for enhancing consumer awareness13
Figure 8: ITC’s share of rural market14
Figure 9: Sales Figure of Amul15

Table of Tables
Table 1: Strategy Matrix for rural penetration17


The revolution in retailing industry has brought many changes and also opened door for many Indian as well as foreign players. In a competitive and volatile market like India there is a constant clash between challenges and opportunities. Plenty of companies are devising strategies to maintain their foothold and increasing their profits in organised retail sector. In order to maintain their supremacy most of the organised...
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