Retail Strategy of Avari Hotel Lahore

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Executive summary 1

Introduction 3

Retail Strategy8
i.Target Market
ii.Retail format
iii.Competitive Advantage

Retail Mix 16


Flash Back
A flash back about Avari Lahore is as under:
AVARI Hotel International a hotel reflecting the traditional hospitality of Lahore combined with five star standards. It is situated down the beautiful tree-lined Shahrah-e-Quid-e-Azam and conveniently adjacent to the business center of Lahore. Avari Hotel International started from Hilton (American Chain) and then franchised with RAMADA Hotel. After sometimes Dinshaw B. Avari, the creator and founder of the AVARI hotels International Lahore, started on his own name and dedicated to his wife Khurshid D. Avari (the guiding force). Its foundation stone was laid by Malik Meraj Khalid at 23rd September 1973 and the construction was completed in the time period of 5 years. After that it started on 3rd January 1978. Avari Hotels International is now owned by Avari Hotels Limited and started its operations on 1st October 1988. Presently, the hotel is locally guided by Mr. Qasim Jaffri.

For the construction of the building the famous architects were hired. Some of them are: A. Josic Paris
Z.D Khawaja Associates Lahore
D.H Daruvala& Corporation Karachi

Dinshaw B. Avari decided to open its branch in Lahore as it is the heart of the Pakistan. Lahore, pulsating with life and set like a verdant jewel in the heart of the Punjab province, is a city rich with the imprints of time.
Mission Statement
We aim to provide all our guests and comfort with genuine friendliness and professional warmth surpassed by none.

Standard to Achieve Aim
Following standards are set to achieve the aim

Unconditional teamwork and communication.
Being fair with our guests and colleagues.
Personal responsibilities
For one self
For property
Protecting assets and identifying defects
For knowing the problem
For making guests complaints your own and recording them properly to prevent a repeat occurrence.

Salesmanship being everyone’s responsibilities.
Always talk positive about Hotel.
Sell services of Hotel.
Being profitable.

The Basis of Avari Hotels
Following is the basic criteria set for the hotels employees to greet their customers:
Always greet a guest warmly and sincerely with eye contact and using guest name if and when possible. Always smile sincerely.
Always present your manners in professional manner.
Proper footwear clean and polished.
Always be ready to help a guest.
Always use appropriate language when talking to guests and colleagues. Always follow safety rules.
Always report Hazarda to your superior.
Always treat your colleague with respect.

The Avari Hotels International had few employees in the beginning, but with the passage of time the number of employees increased and now almost 450 employees are offering their services to Avari.

The Avari Hotels has many departments in order to provide best comfort and services to their guests.

Front Office
Accounts Department
Personnel Department
Food and Beverages Department
Security Department
Engineering Department
House Keeping Department
Reservation Office
Telephone Department

Retail Strategy of Avari Hotel Lahore

While discussing the retail format, three issues are very important to be discussed.

Target market of AVARI hotel.
The retail format
Competitive advantage.

Target Market
The target market of AVARI consists of upper class and elites. It mainly includes people like industrialists and other business men, diplomats, foreigners, ambassadors, other government officials, political leaders and state guests. The target market covers the...
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